IB Director General Dr Siva Kumari featured on PBS NewsHour

A feature on the US news show follows Dr Kumari as she meets with educators and members of the global IB community, and looks at the value of an IB education and the IB’s approaches to learning.

In the piece, Kathleen Busoni, a teacher at Brooklyn Latin School, a public high school in New York City, explains how the school was attracted to the IB’s progressive philosophy as it gave them greater independence and better results: less instruction from teachers, and more active student participation in class.

“In education today, we all say that student-centered is best”, says Ms Busoni, “but for me as a teacher, that was where I realized that the magic happens. That's where the students grow and learn the most; if you help, encourage and coach them rather than tell them and demand from them.” 

The piece also discusses how IB programmes produce students who are ready for third-level education, with 78% of IB students going straight to college from the Diploma Programme (DP).

The interview focuses on the importance of critical thinking and the even, well-rounded nature of an IB education. Dr Kumari says: “The successful IB student is one who regardless of the field they've chosen, they're able to be the person who colleagues consider a mindful person who asks the right questions, is able to drive consensus, can provide the long view on things, and be the wise person in the room.