Dr Siva Kumari interviewed on financial news network Cheddar to discuss new IB initiatives

Dr Siva Kumari, Director General of the IB, appeared on financial news network Cheddar to discuss the IB’s partnership with the University of the People (UoPeople), and to also discuss the IB’s mission.  

The aim of the partnership between UoPeople and the IB, announced in October 2018, is to address the increasing need for more highly qualified teachers across the world. Dr Kumari highlights the need to make it easier for teachers to follow a Master’s programme of high caliber without facing geographical, financial or other constraints.

Dr Kumari applauds Shai Reshef, founder and president of the UoPeople, for his work and states: “It is quite important to ensure that in these highly-skilled fields that we are consistently saying we need, we need to be able to make that education free of cost, so that we are increasing the kind of diversity of thinking needed and diversity of people needed who help us in our societal issues”.

Watch the full interview on Cheddar.