Dr Siva Kumari interviewed by Turkey's Hürriyet on the IB's growth and future

On her recent visit to Turkey, the IB Director General Dr Siva Kumari spoke to one of the country's leading news outlets.

The IB celebrates 25 years in Turkey in 2019, and Dr Kumari's trip involved meeting with educators and representatives from many areas of the country to discuss the future of education. 

School such as Prof Dr Mumtaz Turhan Social Sciences High School, Marmara Education Village, Nun Okullari and Eyuboglu Schools welcomed Dr Kumari and gave wonderful feedback on the importance of an IB education to Turkish schools students. 

In her interview with Hürriyet, Dr Kumari spoke about the unique challenge of achieving an IB education, the unparalleled assessment offered by the IB and the ongoing growth and development of the IB curriculum. 

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