IB announces Candidate Registration Fee eliminated from November 2019


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IB aims to eliminate barriers to student access to IB programmes.

With the Fourth Industrial Revolution upon us, and increasingly demanding a workforce of agile learners, an IB education is more meaningful than ever. The IB believes more students should have access to an education that enables them to develop into well-rounded, multilingual and open-minded future citizens so that they can respond to global, national and local challenges thoughtfully and optimistically.

That is why it is pleased to announce that the candidate registration fee will be eliminated, effective immediately. Historically, this flat fee applied to each student registering for IB examinations on top of the per subject fee of $119. As a result, taking additional exams or pursuing the full Diploma Programme is made more affordable for students and schools.

As a responsible not-for-profit, the IB continues to seek out cost-efficiencies that can lower costs and open the door for more students to engage with the breadth of its world-class programmes. Other recent examples include:

  • No programme fee increases since 2015
  • Discounts for schools that offer three or more IB programmes beginning in 2018
  • Ongoing investment in more affordable professional development options.

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