Why start with language courses

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The project design originates in IB World Schools that have developed strategies to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in the IB. In nearly all contexts where this work has been undertaken, schools recommend Language A: Language and Literature as an excellent starting point.

Language A: Language and Literature is a course designed to empower student voice and agency and help students develop a stronger sense of the role language plays across a wide range of contexts.   

Curriculum continuity builds stronger learning organizations

In every single industry, technical terminology provides professionals with a common language for understanding problems, creating solutions, and communicating across contexts. In the same way, the common curriculum frameworks that characterize the IB DP help educators and their students quickly move beyond procedural aspects of the learning to the rich nature of the subject via the exploration of varied content.  

School contexts that offer multiple courses within the same discipline often cite student choice as a popular rationale. The IB also firmly believes that student choice and voice are integral to curriculum design and learning experiences. Student choice is evident in the courses that are offered within each DP subject group. For more information about the range of courses students select from in the IB Diploma Programme, visit the DP curriculum page.