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Please see below the IB Development and Recognition team for the Asia-Pacific region.

Stefanie Leong

Stefanie Leong

Head of Development and Recognition, Asia-Pacific

Based in the IB Global Centre in Singapore, Stefanie has over 15 years of experience in education management. Before joining the IB in 2012, Stefanie worked for an international education provider of international qualifications for five to 19-year-olds, and prior to that, she taught Commerce and Information Technology at an Australian university. 

Stefanie’s role at the IB is to develop and implement a regional strategy that sustains and advances the growth of IB programmes and services in identified and emerging markets. Regional Development is concerned with managing and nurturing key stakeholder relations with governments, higher education institutions, associations, corporate partnerships, large entities of schools and individual schools in the interested phase before application for candidacy.

Peiwen Cheong

Lauren Tong

Associate Development Manager, Asia-Pacific

Based in the IB Global Centre in Singapore, Lauren works with schools interested in offering IB programmes in China alongside Stella Jiang and Jessica Zhu. She also plays an integral role in the AP development team to support projects, outreach advocacy and recognition works.

Lauren holds a Bachelor's degree in English Literature Study from China and a Master's degree in Interpreting from Queen's University Belfast, UK. She has extensive partnership development and account management experience working with global clients and cross-functional teams. Lauren is passionate about learning and acquiring new skills. 

Faizol Musa

Faizol Musa

Development and Recognition Senior Manager, South East Asia and Bangladesh

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Faizol works with schools interested in offering IB programmes and key educational decision-makers in the South East Asia region and Pakistan. His work also involves increasing the recognition of IB programmes by universities and governments. He has built an excellent reputation and strong relationships with various stakeholders such as schools, associations of schools, universities, media, and governments.

Faizol began his career in education management at the British Council in Malaysia as the Acting Deputy Country Exams Director, where he also held the position of Examinations Services Manager. His last position was Schools Development Manager Indonesia for a provider of international qualifications for five to 19-year-olds before joining the IB in 2013.

Stella Jiang

Stella Jiang

Development and Recognition Senior Manager, China and Mongolia

Based in Beijing, China, Stella works with schools interested in becoming IB World Schools and helps to extend the recognition of IB programmes in China and Mongolia. She holds a Master of Arts in Comparative Education from the Institute of Education, University of London.

Stella has been involved in international education and assessment for more than 10 years, working for the British Council and for a provider of international qualifications for five to 19-year-olds as Senior Schools Development Manager for China and Hong Kong before joining the IB in 2014.

Jessica Zhu

Jessica Zhu

Development and Recognition Associate Manager, China and Mongolia

Based in Beijing, China, Jessica is working alongside Stella Jiang. Jessica has extensive educational business management experience, as well as teacher training for international and domestic education service organizations. She has good working relationships with governments, schools, organizations, education experts and investors.

Jessica has a Master of Communication degree from the Communication University of China. She is passionate about creating an interactive environment between Chinese and international education.

Mahesh Balakrishnan

Mahesh Balakrishnan

Development and Recognition Manager, India and Nepal

Mahesh Balakrishnan works with schools interested in the IB programmes and universities for recognition of IB programmes, he has an extensive background in Sales & Marketing and has over two decades of global business development experience across multiple industries. His experience includes working with regulators, policymakers and industry leaders.

A passionate teacher and mentor, Mahesh brings in a decade of experience in education. He has worked across higher and primary education, online learning and technology in education in the fields of simulation and gamified learning. He also conducts corporate workshops. He has been active in student mentoring and providing them with various career pathways to higher education.

Mahesh holds an MSc in Technopreneurship and Innovation from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and an MBA in Marketing from India. 

Ayumi Hoshino

Shashikant Vishwakarma

Development and Recognition Associate Manager, India 

Based in New Delhi, India, Shashikant is an experienced business development professional with over a decade of experience in the education sector. He has a particular focus on working with schools interested in offering IB programmes. With a passion for international education and assessment, Shashikant has worked as a Manager for North India for a provider of international education and assessment for 5 to 19-year-olds. He has also worked with organizations providing ed-tech products and services.

Ayumi Hoshino

Ayumi Hoshino

Development Manager, Japan

Based in Tokyo, Japan, Ayumi works closely with local schools interested in offering IB programmes and becoming IB World Schools. Ayumi is the Vice Principal at Tokyo Gakugei University International Secondary School with MYP Coordinator and MYP language acquisition (English B) teacher experience for over 25 years. Ayumi was previously a member of the IB Japanese translation team and is a workshop leader in the Japanese language.

Ayako Kurokawa.png

Ayako Kurokawa

Development Associate Manager, Japan

Ayako closely works with Ayumi, supporting schools interested in joining the IB community and helping the further recognition of IB programmes in Japan.

Originally from Hiroshima, Ayako gained her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Fine Arts in Canada. After moving back to Japan, she began her career as an IB DP Visual Arts teacher, CAS Coordinator, College Counsellor, and Diploma Programme Coordinator at IB schools in Japan. Ayako was also the IB DP Visual Arts Senior and Principal Examiner, workshop leader for both DP Visual Arts and CAS since 2013, a site visitor and leader for school authorization, DP consultant, translator for DP Guides and Lead Educator. She also worked as a speaker and a panelist at various IB forums in Japan and recently presented her collaborative session at IB Global Conference in Adelaide, Australia.

ChongA Hong

ChongA Hong

Development Manager, South Korea

Based in Seoul, ChongA engages with educational institutions that are interested in implementing IB programmes in South Korea. She also fosters robust connections with higher education institutions to facilitate entry opportunities for IB students and works towards increasing awareness and recognition of IB programmes among various stakeholders.

ChongA holds a Bachelor's degree in Foreign Language Teaching from Ewha Womans University and a TESOL Certificate from Sookmyung University. With a passion for education and a rich background in language and literature teaching, ChongA has served 17 years as a Korean Literature and Language Literature teacher at IB World International Schools. Furthermore, she has been involved as an IB workshop leader. Before joining the education field, ChongA worked in overseas sales and marketing at Samsung SDI for five years.

Tram Nguyen

Development and Recognition Associate Manager, Vietnam

Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Tram is responsible for the strategic development of IB schools within the country. She also manages key stakeholder relations with higher education institutions and government bodies in Vietnam to promote understanding and recognition of the IB programmes.

Holding a Master of Education from Harvard University, Tram has diverse experience in the education sector, ranging from language teaching, college counselling, EdTech program development, and transnational education project management. She has lived and worked in multiple countries including Australia, China, the United States, and Vietnam.