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Development and Recognition

 Jon Halligan

Jean-Christophe Goris

Head of Development, Africa, Europe and Middle East (AEM)

Jean-Christophe is the Head of Development for Africa, Europe and the Middle East. He is responsible for the strategic development of schools within the region, in particular working with schools as they embark on their IB journey, either as a new school or as an authorized school implementing a new programme. He also works with the various ministries, officials, regulators and other influential educational bodies to raise awareness and understanding of IB programmes and their value for national equivalency purposes.

Jean-Christophe has an extensive professional background in account management, business development and team leadership having been in the global accounts teams of both Staples and Wolters Kluwer.

 Vedrana Pavletic

Vedrana Pavleti─ç

Development and Recognition Manager, AEM

With her professional background in Arts and Humanities, Vedrana has taken a number of IB educator roles for the PYP and MYP and worked in schools across Europe and Asia, before joining the IB Global Centre in The Netherlands in 2014. As a Development and Recognition Manager for AEM, she is working with schools, associations, universities and governments to promote the IB and support the implementation of the programmes in a range of contexts in this region.

 Nicholas Lyddon

Nicholas Lyddon

Development and Recognition Manager, AEM

Nicholas is a Development and Recognition Manager for AEM. Over the past five years, he has been working on the ground-up development of an education group based in Brussels, whilst fulfilling a number of IB educator roles in parallel. Nicholas aims at leveraging this experience in organic growth from a school perspective to bring added dimension to the team and to improve the strategic development of schools within the AEM region.


Benson Kamau

Development and Recognition Manager, Africa

Benson is the Development and Recognition Manager, Africa. Before joining the IB, he was the IBDC at Braeburn College and later Principal at Nova Pioneer Tatu Boys both in Nairobi, Kenya. He has been an IB consultant, educator, examiner, and a workshop leader.

Benson has been a team Leader and member in several school accreditation visits across AEM Region. He is also an experienced teacher of Theory of Knowledge, Literature in English and Social Anthropology.

 Peter Fidczuk

Peter Fidczuk

Development and Recognition Manager, UK

Peter is the UK Manager for the IB, and the University Admissions Manager for IBSCA, the network of IB schools and colleges in the UK. In these capacities, Peter supports schools interested in implementing IB programmes as well as existing IB World Schools in the UK. In addition, Peter is engaging with UK HEI to support IB Diploma, Diploma Courses and Career-related Programme students worldwide with their applications to UK higher education institutions as well as advising schools, and working on university and government recognition of all IB programmes of study.

Prior to this, Peter was Assistant Head Teacher at Dartford Grammar School where, as Director of International Baccalaureate, he was responsible for ensuring that the 550 IB students succeeded in passing the Diploma and entering HEI. Peter is also an experienced teacher of Chemistry and Theory of Knowledge.

 Dina Khalaf

Dina Khalaf

Development and Recognition Manager, UAE, Turkey and Iran

Dina joined the IB as the Regional Development and Recognition Manager for UAE, Turkey and Iran in January 2014 and is based in Dubai. Dina has over 18 years IB experience as a teacher, DP coordinator and Head of School, as well as a strong background in IB teacher training, consultancy and evaluation of schools based on IB standards.

 Maripe Menendez

Maripé Menéndez

Development and Recognition Manager, Iberia

Maripé currently works as Regional Manager for Iberia at the IB Global Centre located in The Hague, The Netherlands. Previously she was Senior Advisor for Development, Marketing and Communications in the IB Foundation Headquarter in Geneva, Switzerland.

Maripé has also been Director of Marketing and Communications at Legg Mason-Vetusta in Geneva, Managing Director of the IE Fund in New York, U.S.A., Director of Communications at IE Business School in Madrid and Deputy Director of Communications at Yves Saint Laurent Madrid, Spain.

 Mary Tadros

Mary Tadros

Development and Recognition Manager, Middle East

Mary is the Development and Recognition Manager for the Middle East in addition to being the Academic Programs Advisor for Queen Rania Teacher Academy (QRTA) working on Pre-Service and in-service teacher education programmes in Jordan and the region. Mary is also the workshop director for QRTA, a professional development provider for the IB. Mary is a Senior Education Specialist working on education initiatives in Jordan and the region.

She is an IB educator with extensive experience as a workshop leader, consultant and team leader for school evaluation and authorization visits, in addition to being a professional development evaluator. Mary serves on the Council of International schools (CIS)/New England Association of schools and colleges (NEASC) visiting teams to accredit schools internationally.


 Robert Cummings

Robert Cummings

Marketing Manager, AEM

Robert joined the IB in 2013 and is responsible for delivering global marketing campaigns to IB and non-IB schools across the Africa, Europe and Middle East region. Robert holds a Master’s degree in Strategic Marketing Management from Kingston University, UK.

Robert has well over 20 years of marketing and communications experience across a variety industry sectors such as telecommunications, electronic manufacturing, education and finance. Before working at the IB, he worked as Marketing Communications Manager at London Metropolitan University, UK.

IB Educator Network

 Juner Garcia

Juner Garcia

IBEN Manager, AEM

Juner joined the IB at the Singapore Global Centre as Portfolio Manager in 2009 after years of working in Nepal, DR of Congo, Afghanistan, Uganda, and the Philippines as an international development worker. He has over 17 years of progressive management and leadership experience with various international non-governmental organizations, managing education projects, volunteer programmes and various human rights campaigns.

He was instrumental in the development, set up and implementation of various IB initiatives that aim to increase the numbers of IB World Schools and cohorts of IBEN leaders in Japan, Malaysia, Romania and Saudi Arabia in collaboration with foundation and education ministries from these countries. In February 2013, he moved to The Hague and started working as the IBEN Manager.

Professional Development Delivery


Picture of Jaime Clark

Jaime Clark

Senior Professional Development Delivery Manager, AEM

Jaime leads the delivery of professional development for the AEM region. Her team plans and delivers all regional, single school and multi-school events to support educators in all stages of their IB journey. Most recently, Jaime has been leading the development and launch of virtual workshops in response to the global pandemic.

Jaime joined the IB at the end of 2011 and has led professional development teams in both the Americas and AEM. Prior to joining the IB, Jaime worked for an international development consulting firm based in Washington, DC.