Year in review 2018 - 2019

The IB’s Year in review looks at the progress made throughout the past financial year based on key performance indicators and also impact throughout the IB community worldwide.

The Year in review presents the key performance indicators, looking at the development of the IB programmes over the year, the financial overview, showing the IB’s financial position and revenue.

We also take a glimpse at some impact areas in the IB community, and you can read more about the IB in the media by visiting our news section.





Key performance indicators

The IB’s key performance indicators (KPI’s) give a growth-based insight into the development of our programmes.

Financial overview

The financial overview offers a view of the IB’s revenue streams including assessment, school fees and professional development.


We look at the impact of the IB with a focus on our three strategic areas: Community, Innovation and Service.


Follow news from the IB's global community and read about what students, teachers, schools and other members of the community are up to.