IBEN roles

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Educators can take on a number of roles as part of the International Baccalaureate® Educator Network (IBEN).

Some of these roles have defined qualifications and requirements. You can read about the duties of each role below.


Consultants provide support and mentoring to candidate schools. Each candidate school will be assigned a consultant by the regional office who will conduct the mandatory consultation visit and/or provide a specified number of hours of distance mentoring in preparation for the verification visit.

Content Developer

Content developers are subject experts who design and develop a professional development (PD) product, such as a workshop, e-learning resource or webinar.

The product may be face-to-face only, online only, blended, or both face-to-face and online separately.

Examination Site Inspector

Examination site inspectors make unannounced school visits to check on implementation of exam protocols. They write and submit reports to regional School Services.

IBEN trainers

IBEN Trainers are selected by the IBEN Managers as needed to train future IB educators. This role is by invitation only.

IB Team Chair of Synchronized Visits

In this role, individuals collaborate with external organizations to arrange school visits and to resolve issues during the visit.

The IB Team Chair of Synchronized Visits serves as the spokesperson for the IB team, and ensures that there is consistency in the interpretation of findings across programmes.

Online PD Mentor

A person who provides one-to-one mentoring for IB teachers subscribed to the IB DP Advantage subscription package.   A mentor is an experienced IB educator who has been trained in online mentoring.

Online Workshop Facilitator

Facilitators lead online professional development workshops. The facilitator is a subject/programme expert as well as being trained in online facilitation.

Online Workshop Lead Facilitator

The lead facilitator monitors and supports a range of online workshop facilitators.

Online Faculty Member

Online faculty members are expected to enter the Programme Resource Centre (PRC) a few times a week to monitor developments in their curriculum area. They are expected to actively contribute to the PRC by initiating, supporting and maintaining discussions, and by searching for suitable resources for posting on the PRC.

Some online faculty members may also be invited to make presentations to promote the site at IB workshops and conferences.

Programme Field Representative

Programme Field Representatives will offer academic and organizational support to Workshop Leaders and participants on regional workshop events and also feedback observations to regional office (PD and/or IBEN teams). Programme Field representatives contribute to the global Quality Assurance Framework of PD provision.


Readers are expected to read, analyze, evaluate and report to the regional office on documented evidence submitted by a school in support of their application for candidacy, authorization or evaluation self-study.

There are several types of assignments which readers may be asked to complete depending on their experiences. Please contact your regional office for further information.

Session Observer

Session observers are experienced, current or former IB World School heads, coordinators and teachers that have been trained by IB Global Professional Development and IB Research to fill these roles.

These observers attend randomly selected workshop sessions and observe several different sessions during the course of the workshop event to take a ‘snapshot’ of a workshop; thus is the role is not designed to evaluate any particular workshop or leader.

Information is collected and used to inform IB professional development, in order to improve support to workshop leaders and to improve leader training.

School Visit Team Member

School visit team members will participate in programme verification and evaluation visits, representing the IB. They will be responsible for revising prior school documentation provided by the IB, contributing to a final report and recommendation for the regional office, and for conducting the visit under the lead of the School Visit Team Leader.

School Visit Team Leader

School visit team leaders are responsible for liaising with the regional office and the school prior to and after the visit. They lead the visiting team when conducting the visit and preparing the visit report for submission to the regional office.

Workshop Leader

Workshop leaders facilitate professional development for teachers in schools implementing the IB programmes. Workshop Leaders contribute to the global Quality Assurance Framework of PD provision.

Read about the qualifications and requirements that apply to some of the above roles.