IB educator network

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The implementation of our professional development and school services depends on a diverse and active community of educators, who are passionate about our mission to ensure high quality international education with the aim of creating a more peaceful world.

The International Baccalaureate® educator network (IBEN) brings together IB trained educators, who take up these roles—which are crucial to the growth and quality of the IB.

IBEN works within a global quality assurance framework, ensuring consistency in the delivery of our services.

Review the IBEN charter (PDF, 691 KB), adopted September 2017.

Why you should join IBEN

By joining IBEN, you will:

  • play a crucial role in implementing the IB mission
  • gain a rich learning experiences as well as ongoing professional development
  • improve the quality of your classroom teaching
  • enhance your competitive advantage in the education sector
  • get access to IB community resources
  • be part of a dynamic, worldwide network of educators.

IBEN also benefits schools, which have the opportunity to comment on IB programme development, enjoy the input of new ideas from IB educators, and have training paid for by the IB.

How to join IBEN

IBEN is administered by the IB’s regional offices. For information on training and roles in your area, please see:

For further information on the roles offered, and the experience and qualifications required for them, please see our detailed IBEN role descriptions.