IB Assessment Content Developer

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The role

Assessment content developers are involved in the creation and fine-tuning of assessments to ensure that they are fit for purpose. There are four tasks that an Assessment Content Developer can be asked to undertake for a given set of assessments. They are the following:

Assessment Author – sources or creates content for assessments.

External Advisor – reviews and evaluates the content of draft IB assessment materials to ensure they meet IB specifications.

Standardizer – reviews and evaluates the content of draft IB assessment (normally via translation), for language assessments, to ensure they meet IB specifications.

Scrutineer – completes the final assessment as if they were the candidate, checking questions can be answered and mark schemes are complete.


IB Assessment Content Developer positions will appear on the vacancies page at the link below. Please note, the recruitment process can take up to three months after the closing date, during which you may be asked to complete a work-based task.

Find out more about the IB Assessment Content Developer role [226 KB] pdf

Read the recruitment policy [231 KB] pdf