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If you would like to enhance your teaching experience and subject knowledge, we invite you to become an IB Examiner. You will mark or moderate students’ work in the Diploma Programme (DP), Career-related Programme (CP) or Middle Years Programme (MYP). You will have access to training and prescribed, well-defined criteria and mark schemes.

In this video, listen to what our examiners say about their experience in the role and how it can benefit you.

Benefits of becoming an IB Examiner

  • Unique professional development opportunities including teacher credits
  • Insight into the assessment process
  • International educational experience
  • Competitive rates of payment



Marking and moderating (reviewing teachers’ marks) takes place via our online system from the convenience of your home. Most of marking starts within two weeks after the exam and is completed three weeks later. Find out more about marking.


To give you an overview of the recruitment process, we have mapped out the path for becoming an IB Examiner. Please take a look at our infographicIB_Icon_PDF.png

Examiner infographic

Please view the IB Examiner Calendar for Diploma Programme (DP), for important dates and periods in the examiner's year.


Examiner vacancies

Please read our recruitment policy to understand the requirements prior to your application.

To ensure the validity of assessment, IB Examiners have to declare all potential conflicts of interest to the IB. Learn more about conflicts of interest.

Please note: we will only process applications for the subjects listed as vacancies. These can change frequently, please check this page regularly if the subject you wish to apply for is not currently advertised.

In addition, recruitment for English A is for the Middle Years Programme only (14-16).

Current vacancies

If you are already an IB Examiner and would like to change your subject, components or mark an additional component, please contact [email protected].

Please read our recruitment policy and conflicts of interest information before applying.