Become an Assessment IB Educator

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The IB works with educators around the world in a variety of different roles relating to our assessment processes.

As the IB grows and develops, we continue to recruit examiners, senior examiners and assessment publications team members. Assessment IB Educators support the Middle Years Programme (MYP), Diploma Programme (DP) and Career-related Programme (CP). 

All Assessment IB Educator roles are part-time, involve no relocation, and are usually undertaken in addition to existing work commitments. 

As an Assessment IB Educator, you have to declare all potential conflicts of interest to the IB. This is to ensure the validity of assessment. Learn more about conflicts of interest.

IB Examiners who meet certain criteria have an excellent opportunity to gain US teacher credit hours for work completed as an examiner. Learn more about teacher credits.

All IB educators are expected to act in a way which upholds the values promoted by the IB of international-mindedness, understanding and respect. Get yourself familiarized with IB Educator Charter [675 KB] pdf.

  • IB Examiners

    IB Examiners are responsible for marking and moderating students' work.

  • IB Senior Examiners

    IB Senior Examiners are responsible for the academic rigour of IB assessments.

  • IB Exam Publishing

    Members of the IB Exam Publishing team are responsible for producing the content of IB assessment materials.

  • Assessments in Japanese

    The IB and the MEXT work together to widen access to an IB education in Japan by making some subjects and their assessments available in Japanese.