Excellence and Equity Initiative

The IB Excellence and Equity (E2) Initiative aims to support schools in their work to fully reflect their diversity and academic excellence by collaborating with public IB World Schools in the USA.

This initiative challenges school leaders in the USA to consider how to elevate the conversation about what is academically possible for low-income students and students of colour. The focus goes beyond proficiency, with a wider focus on preparing all students to graduate with the skills and tools needed for post-secondary education and lifelong learning. Research indicates that less than 1% of diverse schools nationwide have advanced programmes in which their students reflect the diversity of the overall school population.

As part of a campaign to promote the inclusion and success of under-represented students in the Diploma Programme (DP) and the Career-related Programme (CP), the IB aims to collaborate with leadership teams at IB World Schools in the USA.

The mission of this collaboration is to support secondary school leaders and faculty in their work to remove barriers to DP or CP participation for under-represented students, to create pathways to the DP or CP, and to deliver services to schools that are designed to positively impact the success of under-represented students enrolled in the programmes. Over the school years 2017–2019, the IB will provide equity-focused services to the selected 100 IB World Schools.

We need you, heads of IB World Schools, to join in the effort to ensure that your community's diversity is fully reflected in your Diploma Programme and Career-related Programme.


How will we achieve this?

The IB will accept applications until 16 October 2017 and will select 100 IB World Schools to take ownership for creating changes that open access to DP and CP programmes for all their students, especially low-income students and students of colour.

We will provide online professional development for school leaders, coordinators, counsellors and teachers to enable them to remove barriers to DP and CP participation for under-represented students and deliver services to schools that are designed to achieve success. These support services will include:

  • a series of equity focused webinars designed to support school goal setting efforts
  • access to an interactive online tool, the E2 (Excellence and Equity) Framework, that will help schools evaluate current equity practices and policies and identify school-specific goals
  • sixteen registrations for four online workshops focused on achieving equity and success in DP and CP enrollments. These workshops were launched in February 2018 and will focus on addressing core areas of practice that have the greatest impact on participation and success of low-income students and students of colour in the DP and CP. Administrators, counselors and teachers will participate in these online workshops.
  • two years of marked IB exams (May 2017 and May 2018) for professional development purposes.
  • an action-planning process embedded within online professional development to improve school practices, policies and culture to ensure that all students are provided with an equal opportunity for advanced education.
  • access to case studies and webinars that highlight best practices for access and success from around the USA.

Schools selected to participate in this initiative will be responsible for only US$3,000. 


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