Research plays a central role in the development, quality assurance and assessment of IB programme outcomes. The IB commissions research to leading research institutions and universities around the world, and also conducts a small number of studies in-house.

The core of our work involves research on IB programmes. We conduct Outcomes research to investigate the impact of IB programmes on students, teachers and schools, and Curriculum research to support the development and review of all programme curriculum and pedagogy.

Policy research, a new research area within the IB, supports IB decision-making and policy development by providing cutting-edge research findings and practice recommendations on key educational issues.

We also conduct survey research, designing, distributing and analyzing surveys to support the IB’s strategic decision-making, and quality assurance for IB products and services. The Assessment research department (formally part of the Assessment Division) collects and analyses data to ensure assessments are well-grounded in current understanding of best practice. We also coordinate Research services such as the Jeff Thompson Research Award.

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Research key findings

Read at-a-glance overviews of studies from around the world that examine the outcomes of IB programmes on students, teachers and schools. 

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Outcomes research

These studies investigate the efficacy and outcomes of IB programmes in relation to students, teachers and schools. Outcomes research also explores the implementation of programmes within specific country contexts and the effectiveness of programme changes.

Curriculum research

These studies support the review and development of all programme curriculum and pedagogy. Curriculum research contributes to curricular innovation, evaluation and alignment to continually evaluate and improve IB programmes.

Policy research

Policy research informs IB stakeholders of evidence-based education policy and innovative practices from around the world. These studies address key issues of concern to the IB community through concise reports, briefings and recommendations for school and classroom practice.

Assessment research

These studies investigate trends in assessment and support the development of innovative, valid and fair DP, CP and MYP exams. Assessment research focuses on studies aimed at improving IB assessment processes and policies, supporting the development of formative and summative assessment resources as well as trialling new examination models proposed in the curriculum review process.