Advisory bodies

Alongside the Board of Governors, Director General, and Senior Leadership Team, the International Baccalaureate® (IB) has councils and boards that support the organization in its functions.

Heads Council

Consisting of 11 members, this council serves as an advisory group to the Director General. It assists with issues that affect IB World Schools.

Members are elected by IB World School heads, with four members from each IB region.

Current members of the Heads Council

Karin Henrekson Ahlberg
International School of the Stockholm Region, Sweden
Caroline Jacoby
International School of Uganda, Uganda
Peter Murphy
Vienna International School, Austria
Luis Eduardo Rivas
The English School, Colombia
Andrew Davies
International School Bangkok, Thailand
David Butcher
International School of the Hague, Netherlands
Peter Derby‐Crook
Tanglin Trust School, Singapore
Dianne Drew
Dwight School, USA
Jeff Aitken
St. John’s Kilmarnock School, Canada
Luke Thomson
Pembroke School, Australia
Monique Flickinger
The Metropolitan School of Panama, Panama
Vacant seat


Examining Board

The IB Examining Board comprises all chief examiners of the IB's Diploma Programme (DP)

It supports the Chief Assessment Officer, a member of the IB's Senior Leadership Team (SLT), by offering expertise and informed discussion on practices and policy. This helps to maintain the quality and standards of assessments and curricula at the IB. 

Its main other activities are to:

  • ensure that all IB examiners can exercise their academic judgment in assessment matters 
  • hold to account their representatives of the Final Award Committee, the body that formally awards the IB diploma and certificates to students, to ensure that academic standards are maintained in DP assessments
  • ensure that the Chief Assessment Officer is aware of any potential academic challenges to the mission of the IB, which is in turn reported to the Board of Governors.

The chief examiners elect a Chair and Vice Chair of the Examing Board, as well as one representative from each of the DP's six subject groups. Those representatives are part of a number of IB committees.

The Chair of the Examining Board is a member of the IB Board of Governors, holding the position as a result of their status. He or she acts as a liaison between the two bodies.

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