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All DP curriculums are reviewed on a seven-year teaching cycle to ensure that each is fit for purpose in a changing world and incorporates the latest educational research and lessons learned from a thorough evaluation of the existing curriculum.

The DP curriculum review is a collaborative process that aims to produce excellent, internationally minded, research-based curriculums and support material that enable students to develop the attributes of the learner profile and the IB mission, thereby providing an excellent preparation for life in the 21st century.

The contributions from university faculty towards the development and evaluation of our curriculums over the course of the 7-year teaching cycle are essential. Other opportunities to support curriculum development include participating in the assessment trial of a new component, joining a focus group on potential developments in a given subject area, completing a survey on teaching and assessment of a subject area at your institution, or writing a commissioned review of a new guide. If you have questions about programme development or would like to participate in curriculum or programme review activities, please email us

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