University admission

The International Baccalaureate (IB) provides a world-class preparation for university and life beyond. IB students consistently demonstrate the critical thinking and research skills needed to excel in their university studies—and they tend to get into the world’s best universities.



  • Read curriculum updates and subject briefs

    All DP curriculums are reviewed on a seven-year teaching cycle to ensure that each is fit for purpose in a changing world and incorporates the latest educational research and lessons learned from a thorough evaluation of the existing curriculum. 

  • Support students' transition to higher education

    Are you a student planning to apply to university, or a parent or counsellor supporting your students’ application? Find information and resources that can help navigate through the process. 


  • Universities: Collaborate with the IB

    Universities collaborate with the IB in several ways to help shape the future of education: Recognition of IB programmes, the IB educator and leadership certificates, review of DP subjects and research related to the IB.

  • Governments: Collaborate with the IB

    The IB works closely with local and national governments to build partnerships and recognize IB programmes within their education policy framework.


  • Contact the IB for university admission and country recognition

    Contact the IB to learn more about recognition and developing a recognition policy or statement.