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The Ridings High School received authorisation in 2005 and the first cohort commended the Diploma Programme, September 2006.  The school’s implementation and approach has been used as a model of good practice by IBSCA-IBO and has featured in articles in Curriculum Magazine, at IBSCA-IBO-SSAT conferences (Manchester 1st May 07, annual IBSCA conference 15th September 07). 

The school is also involved in mentoring local South West schools (both state and independent sector) providing “training days” aimed at conveying experience of the school.  The school is now looking at the MYP programme and working with Gar-Field IB school, VA to implement MYP in the next few years.The school also works with a number of International IB schools including GIS IB school of Beirut, AIS Vienna, AIS Kuwait & WHG Leverkusen.  

Recently TRHS organised and led international video conferencing for local primary schools on IB and the international curriculum.  TRHS facilitates, informally and formally, local secondary schools’ international work.

“…this is one of the most innovative and creative secondary schools we have worked with.  The school has a range of overseas links and uses their work to create a truly inclusive and very relevant international ethos across the World”

John Rolfe, Head of the British Council’s ISA. 


An International Dimension for the “International” Baccalaureate:

The Ridings High School has for a number of years emphasised the importance of the international dimension in the curriculum and this is where the impetus to become an IB World School developed from. The UK government’s “executive summary” on World Class education stresses the need for the learner to 1) access the global economy and society and 2) use internationalism to achieve this aim. In recent years there have been some key developments at TRHS to achieve these goals:

  • The school obtaining the British Council’s full “International School Award” in 2005
  • IBO “World School” status awarded in 2005-
  • Recognised EU funded projects including an EU/Socrates-Comenius partnership with Norway, Germany and Spain (“Bringing Young People together in the C21st”)
  • A British Council Joint Curriculum project with School 56 Tomsk “The Motherland” project –case study on “outstanding” international learning for BBC World Class.
  • The British Council announcing in Sept 2007 that TRHS is an “Ambassador” school for international education
  • Sept 2007-workign with IBSCA-SSAT TRHS to develop a “South West” region/network cluster of IB schools on curriculum, organisation and leadership.  

These developments have given the school a very distinct global dimension, recognised nationally and internationally.  At the heart of this was the innovative use of ICT to facilitate these projects, especially the school’s use of video conferencing. This was complimented by The Ridings High School setting up an International Department in Sept 2006 responsible for the continuing development of the global dimension and the new IB DYP.

The school works with agencies such as the British Council, SSAT-iNET, QCA, South Glos LA, IBSCA-IBO and Global Leap, promoting learning and leadership networks to develop effective, sustainable and meaningful international education.

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