Well-being for schoolteachers (2024)

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Dr Laura Taylor, Dr Wanying Zhou, Leoni Boyle, Sabina Funk and Prof Jan-Emmanuel De Neve Wellbeing Research Centre, University of Oxford

This foundational literature review provides an overview of the latest research into teacher well-being and its importance for teachers themselves, students and the school community. The report is intended to give the International Baccalaureate, policymakers and educational leaders an understanding of the definitions of adult well-being, what influences teacher well-being and what evidence-based interventions might be used to improve teacher well-being. The researchers also present a teacher well-being framework which identifies drivers of teacher well-being. Findings from the study highlight that teachers report one of the highest levels of occupational stress and burnout on the job, compared with other professions. Workload is one of the most prominent factors leading teachers to leave the profession. Importantly, an increasing body of research indicates that teacher well-being has a significant impact on the well-being and academic success of students. The research highlights the importance of investing in teacher well-being not only for the sake of teachers themselves but also for the benefit of students and the school system.


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