Policy research

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As a new research area within the IB, policy research aims to contribute to innovative global education policies and practices.

Policy research examines the IB education model through applicable data and findings, translating results into plain language for maximum utility. Based on findings from both internally-conducted and external research, policy research identifies areas where the IB is particularly successful as well as areas needing consideration or improvement. Policy research offers policy options, practice-oriented guidelines and future-focused scenarios to address 21st-century education challenges.

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Policy research areas

The overarching goal of policy research is to support IB decision-making and policy development at organizational, school and community levels by providing on-time, accessible and relevant research, and practice recommendations on key educational challenges. Through policy research the IB aims to:

  • Inform various IB stakeholders on the latest research outcomes, education policy trends and significant innovative practices through concise reports and briefings that address key issues of concern to the IB community.
  • Strengthen the role of the IB in shaping global education policy by drafting position papers that offer evidence-based policy recommendations and reflect the IB’s stance on significant education topics and challenges.

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