Diploma Programme courses online

Online courses delivered by Pamoja Education are developed under the IB’s rigorous quality assurance standards, cover the same course content and prepare students for the same assessments as a traditional face-to-face IB Diploma Programme course.

DP courses currently available online*

Language acquisition Individuals and societies Mathematics The arts Diploma core Studies in language and literature

Mandarin ab initio

Spanish ab initio

Spanish B


French ab initio

Business and management SL

Business and management HL

Economics SL

Economics HL

Information technology in a global society SL

Information technology in a global society HL

Philosophy SL

Psychology SL

Psychology HL

Mathematics HL

Mathematics SL

Analysis and approaches SL (from September 2019)

Analysis and approaches HL (from September 2019)

Applications and interpretations SL (from September 2019)

Applications and interpretations HL (from September 2019)

Film SL

Theory of knowledge

Extended essay supervision

English A Language and Literature SL

English A Language and Literature HL

* The full Diploma Programme cannot be completed online, only select DP courses are available for online study.

Diploma Programme courses online:

  • are two years in duration
  • follow IB course guides
  • meet IB course requirements
  • are formally assessed in the same way as face-to-face courses
  • are taught in accordance with The Diploma Programme: From principles into practice
  • embed theory of knowledge (TOK) into the courses
  • feature practice examinations to prepare students for IB external examinations
  • are taught by experienced IB teachers, who have special training in online pedagogy
  • require approximately the same amount of study time as face-to-face higher and standard level courses.

Empowering the learner is a key feature of the online courses. In online classrooms of approximately 25 students from around the world, teachers introduce weekly lessons, guide discussion and provide feedback to stimulate critical thinking and promote “lifelong learning” habits. IB Diploma Programme courses online offer a truly international, interactive model of teaching and learning.

DP online classroom

How to apply

If you are a student or guardian of an IBDP student and are interested in IB DP courses online, please contact your IB World School’s Diploma Programme Coordinator, as your school may already offer online IB courses.

If you are an International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme coordinator at an IB

World School interested in enrolling students on Diploma Programme courses online, please contact Pamoja Education at admissions@pamojaeducation.com