Information about workshops accredited in Australia (NSW and ACT)

The IB will provide a form to all participants of workshop events accredited by NESA or TQI accreditation in Australia.

If you wish to attend an IB professional development workshop currently not accredited by NESA or TQI, you can log the hours from these workshops as Teacher Identified Activities (TQI) or Teacher Identified Professional Development (NESA).

Update on accreditation process - March 2021 

Please complete TQI and NESA evaluations to assist the IB in maintaining accredited status. 


Online and face-to-face workshops are being submitted for interim accreditation consideration. Virtual workshops will be submitted as new workshops when the process becomes available at NESA. 


For teachers: TQI evaluations for IB workshops must be completed for the workshops to be reaccredited every year. 

See all IB Accredited workshops as of March 2021:


  • Category 1, DP (Subjects) Workshop 
  • Category 2, DP (Subjects) Workshop 
  • Category 1, MYP (Subjects) Workshop 
  • Category 2, MYP (Subjects) Workshop 


  • Category 3, PYP The role of the arts 
  • Category 3, MYP Projects (Personal project and community project) 
  • Category 3, Approaches to Learning (IB Ed) 

For any questions regarding IB workshops accreditation in Australia, please contact us:, attn to the IBAP Professional Development team.