Webinar schedule

A webinar pass provides access to all webinars related to one International Baccalaureate® (IB) programme. The webinar schedule, divided by IB programme, is below.

Middle Years Programme (MYP) webinars are available in English and Spanish.

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PYP webinars

All times listed are below are given in coordinated universal time (UTC).

Science and mathematics in a transdisciplinary programme - Jennifer Le Varge 
31 January 2018 at 10pm UTC and 01 February 2018 at 11am UTC

Transdisciplinarity is important in the PYP, especially in this cycle of the PYP review. A truly transdisciplinary programme provides students with access to a coherent curriculum helping them develop skills drawn from the subject areas as well as those identified in the approaches to learning. In this webinar, we will look through the lenses of science and mathematics to explore how learning communities can find points of interconnection between these subjects areas and beyond them – working towards an active, inquiry-driven pedagogical approach where the subject areas enhance and support transdisciplinary understandings and promote learning that is truly connected to real life.

Using technology to support student inquiry - Anja Junginger
07 March 2018 at 10pm UTC and 08 March 2018 at 11am UTC

Our students are being challenged more than ever to remain principled and knowledgeable inquirers. The IB’s approaches to learning, particularly research skills, and the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) standards related to being a Digital Citizen and Knowledge Constructor, provide useful support for students navigating current and future learning. This webinar will focus on how those responsible for integrating technology in a school can work together to support all students and teachers in developing these skills and understandings. We will share resources, strategies, and lesson ideas that promote lifelong learning and academic honesty in the PYP.

Utilising data to inform learning and teaching - Jan Mills
11 April 2018 at 10pm UTC and 12 April 2018 at 11am UTC

Data sets often drive decision making for schools. Explore a range of ways teachers can use data and evidence to inform teaching and student learning in the classroom. This webinar will explore data in more detail: the generation and collection data, the collaborative analysis of data, and how to reflect and act upon data.

Building leadership capacity in a PYP school - Chris Wyatt
09 May 2018 at 10pm UTC and 10 May 2018 at 11am UTC

Increasingly we are becoming aware of the significant impact leaders have on student learning outcomes. However, the development of leadership capacity is often left to chance. This webinar will consider the concept of leadership within a PYP school and will explore ways to develop capacity in teachers to lead - in their classrooms, throughout the school and within wider professional networks.

MYP webinars

This webinar series takes John Hare’s IB position paper “Holistic education: An interpretation for teachers in the IB programmes” as a point of departure to consider what holistic education looks like within the MYP classroom. Holistic education ensures the many domains of student learning are considered while providing learning opportunities that allow students to make connections across subject groups and outside the classroom through significant contexts, allowing them to take meaningful action within their communities. The webinar series will explore four different dimensions of holistic education: contextual learning, interdisciplinary connections, education of the whole person and active learning. These webinars will take a flipped classroom approach where participants consider questions in advance and share practical ideas and examples of holistic education in the classroom.

Learning in global contexts - Lisa Nicholson
17 February 2018 at 3pm UTC

A wealth of research supports the idea that providing meaningful contexts boosts learning and teaching experiences. Through sharing concrete examples, this webinar explores the power of global contexts as privileged tools to set understandings within a broader framework and for establishing meaningful connections beyond classroom walls.

Making connections across subjects - Lisa Nicholson
17 March 2018 at 3pm UTC

Interdisciplinary connections are an essential element of fostering holistic understanding and approaching increasingly complex issues. This webinar will explore the benefits of different forms of curricular integration with a practical focus on interdisciplinary teaching and learning within MYP classrooms. Participants will have the opportunity to share ideas of fostering and promoting interdisciplinary connections.

Addressing students’ social, emotional and physical well-being - Lisa Nicholson 
21 April 2018 at 3pm UTC

Student well-being has long been integral to the MYP, but it is acquiring a more prominent role in curricular planning. This webinar explores the importance of social, emotional and physical well-being within the classroom, its connection with the cognitive domain and its impact on student learning.

Developing active learning - Lisa Nicholson
12 May 2018 at 3pm UTC

Action is an integral component of inquiry within the MYP. In this webinar, we will consider the role of student action in MYP units and explore types of action that can be promoted inside and outside of learning environments.

DP webinars

Universal Design for Learning in IB classrooms - Jayne Pletser-Dent
7 March 2018 at 10pm UTC and 8 March at 11am UTC

Discover what IB commissioned research revealed on 'Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and inclusive practices in IB Schools Worldwide’. Consider the what and the why of UDL as we discuss recommendations for implementation.

Designing a theory of knowledge (TOK) lesson - Sue Bastian
16 May 2018 at 10pm UTC and 17 May at 11am UTC

Designing a TOK lesson answers the question: What do I do with all these resources ––Teacher support material, textbooks, the internet and current events? With a focus on the key concepts of TOK including the production of knowledge through inquiry, multiple perspectives and real life situations, this webinar will help teachers shape specific lessons for their Areas of Knowledge (AOKs) linked to the Knowledge Framework.

Leadership webinars

What leadership behaviours work - where and why! - Darlene Fisher
22 February at 7am UTC and 4 pm UTC, 14 March 2018 at 4pm UTC and 15 March at 7am UTC

Have you ever wondered why some leadership styles work in one place but not another? Join this webinar for an introduction to some of the latest research and relevant professional development for leaders. Explore the big ideas from four of the core leadership workshops created to help aspiring leaders become more effective and successful. These workshops will prepare you for the role of an IB leader - both now and for the future.


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