Presenter biographies

Each webinar has a dedicated presenter.

Sue Bastian Sue Bastian has served the IB as teacher, workshop leader, examiner, textbook author and Chief Assessor of Theory of Knowledge in the Philippines and at the UN School in New York City. She has just completed a review and revision of the TOK Lessons From Around the World and now is concentrating on teaching others how to design lessons for their classroom.
Darlene Fisher Darlene Fisher has worked for more than 30 years as a teacher and administrator. Within the last 16 years, she has worked in IB World Schools in Oman, Thailand, India, Turkey, and the UK. Darlene develops educational training for teachers and school leaders in international schools. She is currently working with a core team of international educators developing the IB Leadership Pathway and the four core 'Essentials of International Leadership' workshops. Darlene’s doctoral studies at Bath University focus on educational leadership and the impact of culture on effective leadership behaviours. She has been involved with developing and providing upskilling for workshop leaders for the Leadership workshops. She is a dedicated supporter of IB’s philosophy and works to support teachers and leaders in their implementation of the best programmes for their context.
Gabriela Gonzalez Gabriela Gonzalez is a Uruguayan sociologist and Humanities teacher with a doctorate in sociology. She is currently the Approaches to Learning leader at Saint Brendan´s School in Montevideo, Uruguay. She has experience in the PYP and DP and is an IB workshop leader and school consultant. Gabriela has also contributed to the revision of the humanities and interdisciplinary teaching and learning guides in the context of the Next Chapter project.
Anja Junginger Anja Junginger is the Director of Digital Learning and Media Services at the International School of Stuttgart in Stuttgart, Germany. She has had many other roles in the school over the past 25 years including PYP teacher, coordinator, librarian, MYP Design teacher, and cross-program technology integrator. She has a recent Master’s of Educational Technology and is a site visitor, workshop facilitator, online workshop developer and PYP school consultant for the IB.
Jennifer Le Varge Jennifer Le Varge has experience as a PYP teacher, PYP Coordinator and Primary Principal, and has worked in international PYP schools for over 10 years. She is a workshop leader, school visit team leader, and consultant for the IB. Her passions include the Early Years, Reggio-inspired practice, learning environments, teachers as researchers, educational photography and Makerspaces.
Jan Mills Jan Mills is a New Zealand trained primary teacher who has worked in education for 30 years in primary, middle and high schools, and tertiary education as teacher, principal, PYP coordinator, teacher-training college lecturer and educational researcher for the Visible Learning Lab at Auckland University. These educational positions have been around the world. Her expertise lies in curriculum development and design, assessment, and professional development. Jan is currently an independent education consultant.
Lisa Nicholson Lisa Nicholson is from Santa Cruz, California and has worked with the MYP as a teacher of history, coordinator, administrator, trainer and workshop developer. She is passionate about kids, a believer in creating challenging inquiry environments that stimulate learning and thinks that being a teacher is the best profession on earth. Currently she is working as the lead facilitator for HOS/IBC teacher support material development and has contributed to many MYP workshops.
Jayne Pletser-Dent Jayne Pletser-Dent is the curriculum manager for inclusive education at the IB Global Centre in The Hague where she supports the organisation in promoting and enabling fair access for all students. Jayne is an experienced educator, learning support coordinator and school administrator with a research background in inclusive education and international school management.
Roz Trudgon Roz Trudgon has worked with the IB since 1998. In her IBEN roles of DP and CP Consultant and Verification/Evaluation Visitor, Roz has considerable experience working with and supporting DP and CP schools throughout Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Roz developed the workshop “Understanding the CP” and is a workshop leader for both DP and CP.
Chris Wyatt Chris Wyatt is the Master of the Preparatory School at Trinity Grammar School in Sydney, Australia. He has taught in a PYP school since 2004. During this time, he has assumed a range of roles in the schools he has worked, including classroom teacher, PYP Coordinator and head of primary. Chris loves being part of professional learning communities that promote purposeful learning and teaching and the development of the whole child. He is an IB workshop leader, site visitor and consultant.