Recruiting students to the DP: How to (truly) reach all students with "IB For All"

Originally presented on 8 October, 2020

The central mission of an IB education is to nurture curiosity and develop caring and compassionate lifelong learners. Communicating this to parents and students is one of the most important jobs of IB Coordinators and School Leaders. However, it’s not always simple.

In this webinar on recruiting students to the Diploma Programme, IB educator David Quinn, from Harlem Village Academy in New York, aims to inspire with his powerful strategy for including all students in the IB Diploma Programme through messaging that helps young people realize they can overcome their fears and exceed their own expectations.

Specifically, David discusses:

  • Why an IB education prepares every student to be successful.
  • What messaging and activities inspire students to take on the DP.
  • How larger DP cohorts benefit schools and helps to strengthen the school community.
  • The myths surrounding what types of students can tackle and thrive in the DP – Because the IB truly is FOR ALL.

Recruiting students: How to (truly) reach all students with "IB For All"
Presented by David Quinn

Presenter Bio: David Quinn

David Quinn is an IB Diploma Coordinator at Harlem Village Academies High and one of the facilitators of Facebook's largest IBDPC group. A 20+ year IB educator and leader, David has worked to create IB programs that meet the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion goals of the IBO. As both an IBDPC and a college counselor, David understands the connection between "doing the work" and helping students to achieve their post-secondary goals - and he loves working with schools to find "hidden" IB students.