A webinar is an interactive one hour online seminar and visual presentation.

IB webinars are informative, engaging online sessions in which participants can deepen their understanding of a specific IB programme or topic, throughout the year. 

Once you log into the event, you can ask questions of the presenter in real time and listen to other participants' comments and questions. You can join a webinar from your home, school or even your mobile phone. 

IB webinars can also be used to stimulate thinking and discussion within your professional learning community and they are an effective way to share IB knowledge with the school teaching community.

Listen to one of our webinars titled ‘DP literature: individual oral commentary and discussion’.

Webinar schedule

You can read about each of the IB's available webinars on our website - including the dates and times they will take place. 

Each webinar has a dedicated presenter. Read about the presenters in detail.  

The webinars are offered live for teachers who are able to join them. Otherwise, many coordinators and teachers will use the recordings in staff development meetings, perhaps as a stimulus to a wider professional development discussion.