Discover the IB Digital Channel

The IB Digital Channel is a new professional development online platform for educators to learn through the outstanding work, best practices, and insights from IB educators worldwide.

Our new online learning channel leverages the latest digital learning technology, giving educators the opportunity to learn at their own pace—from home, school, or anywhere with an internet connection.

Through the channel, educators can explore examples of outstanding teaching by IB educators, connect with peers to share materials and best practices, and develop key competencies from the IB Teacher Capabilities framework. 

What educators can access in the IB Digital Channel

  • High-quality unit plans, lessons, classroom activities, and other examples of outstanding IB teaching, curated from educators around the world.
  • Moderated, dynamic communities of practice where educators can exchange planning materials, share best practices, and connect with peer coaches for specific, practical advice—all of it in a safe and friendly space.  
  • Learning pathways designed to help educators master key competencies from the IB Teacher Capabilities Framework and earn microcertificates attesting to their mastery.   

The IB is currently piloting the Digital Channel with a handful of Diploma Programme (DP) subjects, and we plan to expand our implementation to the full IB continuum over the next years.  

Latest updates:

As of September 2021, we have been piloting the IB Digital Channel in two subjects: DP history, and DP mathematics: applications and interpretation. We will commence pilots in two additional subjects—DP theory of knowledge, DP physics—in January 2022.  

Help shape the next generation of online professional learning 

You are invited to join our pilot and help us develop the IB Digital Channel for enhanced professional learning.

By being part of this exciting journey at pilot stage, you will actively contribute to establishing the IB’s new learning platform.

There are three ways educators can join our pilot.   

Become a test user

Test users participate in the channel’s Communities of Practice, browse its curated examples of outstanding IB teaching and learning pathways, and share feedback via the IB Digital Channel itself.   

The IB analyses test users’ feedback to continually improve content and user experience. Please note this information will not be shared with teachers’ local heads of school or coordinators.   

Join the Digital channel pilot as a test user (you will be directed to a short web form)

Become a content contributor or content developer

Content contributors share unit plans, lessons, and classroom activities to populate the Digital Channel with modellable examples of outstanding IB teaching. 

Content developers write and produce learning modules aligned to the IB Teacher Capabilities Framework. 

Become a test user (you will be directed to a short web form)

More information about the pilot 

We are currently piloting the Digital Channel with content in English only, but we plan to expand our implementation to include the IB’s other working languages as we progress.    

We encourage educators interested in contributing with content in other languages to join the pilot. You will be added to a waitlist, and we will contact you when piloting in your language commences.   

Please note: We’ll use your data to optimize the Digital Channel user experience, improve its content, and better understand educators’ needs for ongoing professional learning. No data on your usage of the Digital Channel platform will be shared with your local head of school, coordinator, or other administration.

For any questions about the IB Digital Channel pilot, please email us at