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IB Asia Pacific Newsletter

Quarter Four, 2007

Primary Years Programme

Action in the PYP

The first Action in the PYP workshop worldwide took place at the IBAP Regional conference at the Western Academy Beijing in October.  Workshop leaders Julian Edwards, Julian Weekes and Pete Westwood designed the workshop focusing on different aspects of the essential element: action. Participants were involved in discussions and activities to deepen their understanding of what constitutes action, what learning engagements will lead to action and how teachers can model action.  Other topics of discussion included:  Parents and Action, Increase and Decrease of Emphasis on Action, and Personal Connections with Action.

Some of the responses from the participants were:

Very provoking: challenged our understandings in supportive

learning environments”

I have clearer pathways with regard to provoking action in

each student”

aa“I am clear on what action can

be and I had some really

positive professional sharing

moments which will be great for

me to take back to my


Collaboration action activity

bbAction Workshop in



In-school workshops in the IB Asia Pacific region

By December 2007, the IB Asia Pacific region will have hosted 95 in-school workshops.  These are very positive experiences for both Workshop Leaders and teachers alike as everyone has the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the PYP.

It is important for schools hosting in-school workshops to remember that Workshop Leaders spend a great deal of time preparing and planning months before to design the workshop according to the school’s needs. The honorarium paid to Workshop Leaders is an acknowledgement of time spent planning and as such schools are requested to ensure prompt payment (during the in-school visit) in US dollars or evidence of a bank transfer. Unfortunately many of the workshop leaders are not receiving their honorarium until weeks after the event.  We acknowledge that most schools are extremely supportive of the workshop leaders and the expertise they bring to the school.

Global IB Asia Pacific PYP Workshop Handbook

The global team that consists of the PYP managers from the four regional offices and the PYP curriculum manager have developed a professional development handbook. The purpose of the handbook is to ensure that there is consistency in PYP regional workshops.  The guidelines clearly indicate the purpose for each workshop and the eligibility required to attend the workshop.  This handbook takes the place of the PYP workshop descriptors and is available on the web site and has been sent to PYP coordinators.  It is the responsibility of PYP Coordinators to ensure that they read and understand the eligibility of each workshop and select teachers to attend who fulfil the requirements. This will ensure that participants attending workshops have the necessary understandings and knowledge to participate fully in the workshop.

Mignon Weckert, PYP Regional Manager

Tania Lattanzio, PYP Associate Regional Manager

Mario Gauci, PYP Associate Regional Manager

Bill Fenton, PYP Associate Regional Manager

Rajeevani Constantine, Personal Assistant

Email: ibappyp@ibo.org



The following photos show the wonderful teaching and learning occuring in the classrooms at The Aga Khan School Dhaka.  A preauthorisation visit recently occurred at the school on 5 – 6 November 2007.