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One of the important outcomes of MYP: Next chapter has been the creation of a new, more rigorous curriculum framework that supports greater recognition of the programme by governments and institutions of higher education. There has been a significant development towards the wider international recognition of the MYP qualification obtained through eAssessments. The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) which regulates qualifications and related examinations and assessments in England now regulates MYP eAssessments.

Paula Wilcock, IB Chief Assessment Officer, said: “We are delighted that the MYP has been recognized as a high quality programme by Ofqual. This recognition adds important credentials and validates public confidence and trust in the programme. Furthermore, it highlights that we are publicly demonstrating that the IB is meeting globally-recognized standards with the development and delivery of curriculums and assessments.”

This development further assures quality and adds to the reliability and validity of the innovative MYP eAssessments as an authentic way of assessing student achievement. The process of seeking recognition from Ofqual required the IB to demonstrate that the MYP eAssessments meet Ofqual’s high standards of quality and delivery.                           

MYP assessments meet strict quality standards                   

As of January 2016, all MYP eAssessment subjects are entered in the England’s Register of Regulated Qualifications, as an offering from the IB. This official recognition by England’s government regulator assures schools, parents and students that MYP assessments meet strict quality standards. The international community can have confidence:

  • MYP course results reliably indicate the knowledge, skills and understanding students have demonstrated
  • MYP ePortfolios and on-screen examinations show what a student has achieved
  • MYP curriculum frameworks and support materials provide the information that teachers and students need to successfully pursue the qualification.

Ofqual’s recognition of the MYP—now at the same level as widely-respected IB Diploma Programme courses—represents a significant achievement for the IB community. It provides a sound basis for the next phase of MYP recognition. IB recognition teams and Associations of IB World Schools now have an important independent endorsement that they can use to promote MYP eAssessment as a valuable record of student achievement. MYP grades provide important externally-verified results that are poised to serve as an alternative to state or national examinations, and to support applications for university or other post-secondary education.

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