IB Exchange: new initiative for teacher development


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The IB Exchange is an online professional learning platform led by educators for educators. IB educators can access thousands of resources to support teaching in their IB programmes, learn from peers and elevate their expertise by sharing their teaching and learning insights within a global network of educators.

The IB Exchange is a vibrant online community of IB teachers that centres on teacher expertise and celebrates learning. It's a safe and inclusive space for educators to build their network, share ideas and learning experiences, and nurture their skills. The curated, peer-reviewed teaching resources are mapped to the IB curriculum, so teachers can teach brilliant lessons using standout material that inspires their practice. In addition, the IB Exchange empowers teachers to personalize the IB curriculum to local culture, community, school, and student needs by providing diverse approaches.  

"It is now much more accessible for IB teachers to get reliable and fast answers to their questions. Moreover, using practical materials endorsed by the IB will help us reach a better teaching environment and more successful exam results", said Mr Taylan Çeltik, Diploma Programme (DP) Mathematics Moderator.   

The IB Exchange is in a pilot phase. The IB is working with educators worldwide to explore educators' needs for ongoing professional learning to expand the features of the platform, the subjects and the languages. To achieve this, we invite IB educators to become part of this exciting initiative and help shape the next generation of online professional learning.