Over 169,000 students across the world celebrate IB results


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Today, over 169,000 students across the world will celebrate receiving their International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) and Career-related Programme (CP) results.

These students will join a community of over 1.85 million graduates, in 153 countries, who have all demonstrated the knowledge, skills and determination to address our greatest challenges.

This marks a 2% increase on last year. To deliver these results, the IB processed more than 623,000 examination papers in 72 languages. Over 13,700 examiners across the world worked together to establish accurate, internationally-benchmarked grading criteria across subjects, and ensure consistency throughout the evaluation process. 

“I extend heartfelt congratulations to students worldwide receiving their results today. They have shown a thirst for knowledge, a determination to succeed and a conviction in their ability to take on their next best step equipped with high quality preparation.”, said Dr Siva Kumari, IB Director General.

“Higher Education institutions and employers alike are telling us we need young people who can collaborate, communicate and think critically while creating new knowledge. Research suggests that an IB diploma prepares students with these skills. Our alumni are addressing the challenges humanity face with open-minds and creativity. I wish this year’s graduates all the best for the future and for making our world better”, Dr Kumari added. 

IB Chief Assessment Officer, Paula Wilcock, said “I offer many congratulations to all students celebrating their achievements today. I would like to thank our global community of teachers, invigilators and examiners who ensure that every student receives a fair and, meaningful result. I look forward to continuing to develop assessments that challenge students to go beyond not just what they know, but how their studies fit into the wider context of our world.”