Career development

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The IB promotes lifelong learning and facilitates continuous growth, in our classrooms as much as among our employees in their professional development.

Internally, the IB places equal importance on providing support for the continuous personal and professional development of our staff, enabling them to realize their full potential. The IB strives to follow best practice in encouraging a culture of continuous learning.

Building a sustainable, effective and efficient organization, through the development of the knowledge, capability and capacity of staff, enables the IB to constantly improve our services and support to schools. Therefore, the IB’s mission to develop students and teachers is interdependent with the development of IB employees; each supports and strengthens the other.

The learning and development provided internally for staff is supported by the IB employee profile guide [3.8 MB] pdf which represents the IB mission in action in the workplace.

As a ‘learning organization’ we also expect all IB staff to take personal responsibility for their self-development, outside of the opportunities that the IB provides, in order to continue their own personal and professional growth.