IBEN role requirements

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For some International Baccalaureate® Educator Network (IBEN) roles, applicants must comply with certain prerequisites. These roles are: 

  • Reader
  • School Visit Team Member
  • School Visit Team Leader
  • Consultant
  • Workshop Leader
  • Programme Field Representative
  • IBEN Trainer 

For these roles, applicants must:

  • be current practitioners or administrators of one of the four IB programmes, or a recent retiree who can demonstrate continued commitment to the IB
  • have a minimum of three years’ experience in candidate or authorized IB World Schools. Diploma Programme (DP) and IB Career-related Programme (CP) applicants, must have a minimum of 3 years’ experience in an authorized school Have extensive programme knowledge and familiarity with relevant programme documents
  • have been a participant in an IB professional development workshop, either online or face-to-face. 

Applicants must also have:

  • the desire to share knowledge with other IB practitioners and schools
  • Written and oral fluency in one of the IB’s official languages of English, French, Spanish. We encourage applicants who are fluent in other languages as well. (the training will be in an official language unless specified otherwise)
  • the availability to commit to two regional IBEN assignments per calendar year
  • the intention to remain an active IB practitioner for at least two years following the training

If the applicant currently works in a school, the application must have the support of the head of school.

There are different prerequisites for the following roles:

  • Content Developer
  • Online PD Mentor
  • Online Workshop Facilitator
  • Online Workshop Lead Facilitator

Applicants for these roles must:

  • be an IB subject matter expert
  • have experience in the practical application of the IB curriculum
  • have experience with adult learners
  • have a familiarity with, and interest in, learning technologies
  • French and or Spanish language skills are considered as an advantage

For all other roles, please contact IB Answers to be directed to the appropriate staff member for a list of qualifications and the application process.

You should also refer to the special requirements below.

IBEN roles special requirements

A number of roles within the IB’s Schools Division have additional requirements to those listed above. These are as follows:

Schools visits team member

It is preferred that applicants have participated in their school’s verification or evaluation visit as a head of school or IB coordinator.

Workshop leader

Applicants must have completed at least two recent IB workshops, at least one having been face-to-face, and have experience facilitating adult learning. (Annual regional conferences do not fulfill this requirement).

In the Asia-Pacific region, applicants can also submit an optional video submission. 

Programme Field Representative

Applicants must be experienced IB workshop leaders with positive participant feedback, excellent programme knowledge, and leadership skills. 

School Visits Team Leader

Applicants must have participated in at least three recent visits as a team member, and be ready to take on the role and responsibilities of team leader as determined by the regional office.


Applicants require experience as a school visit team leader. School visit team members will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

IBEN Trainer

Applicants must be very experienced IB educators, in professional development or school services roles, who have demonstrated successful quality assurance (QA) ratings.

IBEN trainers must be highly skilled collaborators and problem solvers. Applicants must also be flexible in their work, and possess skills in facilitation methodologies.