IB Assessment Translator recruitment

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An IB Assessment Translator is responsible for producing the content of IB assessment materials.

The role

As an IB Assessment Translator, you will be responsible for translating final versions of assessment materials from English into the required target language. In addition to English, IB Assessments are offered in French, Spanish, German, Japanese and Chinese.

Your translation will have to match the English version as closely as possible to maintain comparable difficulty, while endeavouring to provide a translation that reads like it was originally written in the target language. There are guidance documents provided by the IB that must be followed regarding subject-specific terminology and house style etc.

You will work independently, you will have to be receptive to feedback on your work to ensure standards are met. 

As you will be working with live assessment materials, confidentiality is essential. Tasks will be completed online via our secure systems. You will have to comply with deadlines and have excellent attention to detail to ensure assessment materials are error-free.


IB Assessment Translator positions will appear on the vacancies page at the link below. Please note, the recruitment process can take up to three months after the closing date, during which you may be asked to complete additional tasks. 

Find out more about the IB Assessment Translator role [114 KB] pdf

Read the recruitment policy [222 KB] pdf