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International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme is a significant predictor of success in university

Over 2,000 institutions worldwide recognize the IB Diploma Programme. 

Visit our recognition pages to learn more about the resources we have developed for universities. These resources include an overview of the Diploma Programme for universities, research on IB students,information on IB assessments, briefs summarizing the curriculum and assessment for more than 20 IB courses, testimonials from universities and IB Diploma graduates, and more information about developing or enhancing recognition. 

We also provide a password-protected online site where university officials and admissions officers can log in to find:

  • the course syllabus for each subject, which includes assessment information
  • recent examination questions
  • markschemes
  • student results (transcripts).

Please use the recognition pages, the secure site and support from the regional offices to create and update your own publicly listed policy regarding university recognition.

Your IB recognition policy

To help us keep our records of your IB recognition policy up to date register here, or log in to our secure site if you already have an account. We will display all public information on our university recognition pages, which you can find through the country pages.

With a secure site account, you can:

  • access IB curriculum documents (course guides, recent exams, markschemes)
  • have IB transcripts delivered by mail or electronically to your institution, and change the delivery address or the method of delivery
  • upload your institution's IB recognition policy.

Universities that recognize the IB diploma

You will find lists of universities and colleges that recognize the IB diploma on the country pages on this website. Please note that these lists are by no means comprehensive, and they are being continually updated.

IB Educator Certificates

Become part of our network

Work with the IB to increase the number of teachers and leaders reaching new generations of learners with the IB pedagogy and philosophy. University teacher education adds an exciting and important professional development pathway for IB educators. By incorporating the IB educator certificates into your existing courses of study, together we can build the capacity of educators to teach in ways that are oriented toward:

  • inquiry
  • students and communities
  • research
  • multilingualism
  • international-mindedness
  • inclusion
  • project-based learning

Increase your impact on international education

As an important part of a respected, worldwide education community, your university can capitalize on the IB educator certificates to:

  • foster relationships with likeminded institutions around the world
  • prepare educators to teach and lead in an international context
  • ease the challenge of practicum placement by providing access to a network of IB World Schools
  • demonstrate a commitment to international education
  • gain access to the worldwide community of IB educators and resources, including more than 100,000 teachers from 141 countries through the IB’s online curriculum centre
  • engage in international education research opportunities and collaborate with a research network
  • attract an internationally minded cohort of students
  • offer full access to a world-class curriculum that is comprehensively researched and regularly reviewed and updated
  • receive technical, communications and marketing support from IB staff
  • use the IB name and “in cooperation with” logo
  • include a dedicated page on the IB website, with university details and website link (more than 1 million pages are viewed every month in English, French and Spanish)
  • offer students an extensive career-building network.

To find out more, visit the IB educator certificate page or email

Global engage website

Community ThemeThe IB Global engage website has been created to enable students, teachers, parents, school communities, IB staff and everyone associated with the IB to share and collaborate on the IB community theme: sharing our humanity. Find out more at the Global engage website.



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