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Governments around the world recognize the benefits an International Baccalaureate® (IB) education can have on students, teachers, universities and the wider community. IB World Schools, which are schools authorized by the organization, may choose to offer one or more of the Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme and Diploma Programme or local or national education programmes in addition to one or more IB programmes.

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The IB encourages governments to define a policy that details how IB diploma credentials are treated for admission, credit and placement at universities and colleges. Your IB diploma recognition policy will be used by students, parents, counsellors and other members of the IB community worldwide as one of the factors they consider when choosing a college or university. It is important that the details of your policy be as specific and accurate as possible.

For examples of other recognition policies, please look at the information on our country web pages.

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Please let us know about your national policies on IB diploma recognition by getting in touch with the regional contacts on this page. We will display this information on our country web pages.

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Community ThemeThe IB community theme website has been created to enable students, teachers, parents, school communities, IB staff and everyone associated with the IB to share and collaborate on the IB community theme: sharing our humanity. Find out more at the community theme website.



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