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IB World - September 2011

The IB has enjoyed many milestones, but the graduation of its first official cohort in 1971 was one of the most poignant. It is 40 years since those self-professed ‘guinea pigs’ sat their exams and we set out to track down three of them to see what influence the Diploma Programme had on their lives. You can read the results on page 20.

Today’s IB community is bigger than those early graduates could even have dreamed. But increasing opportunity for students to study the programmes remains central to the IB mission and forms the central theme of this issue. The shocking statistics about primary school drop-outs in Africa remind us how vital education is in the developing world. But more prosaically, there are inequalities and different levels of access to quality learning to be found almost everywhere.

The IB cannot solve these challenges alone. But its worldwide community should play a part in the conversation. On page 14, we highlight some of the approaches being adopted. Thanks to these initiatives, graduates 40 years from now are likely to be more numerous, and diverse, than ever.

Robert Jeffery, editor

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