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Value of the IBCC

IBCC students deepen their understanding in general areas of knowledge, and are eager to participate in further studies. Students are engaged in a holistic education model that fosters an enthusiasm for lifelong learning. As a result of the IBCC, students develop the self-confidence and skills to participate successfully in higher education.

Why are universities, further and higher education institutes likely to value the IBCC?

Academic strength

IBCC students complete up to four IB Diploma Programme courses. IB Diploma Programme courses are internationally recognized and accepted by universities and are renowned for being academically challenging; preparing students for success at university and life beyond. The IBCC core further develops the academic skills of students through its four components.

An international perspective

IBCC students are encouraged to view aspects of their studies in a broad, global context. They are challenged to become internationally minded and culturally aware. The IBCC core specifically promotes the attributes of international mindedness and intercultural awareness by building on other international dimensions experienced by IBCC students, particularly when studying the Diploma Programme courses.

Intercultural understanding

Intercultural learning is a priority within the IBCC core. Intercultural learning in the classroom is a process that changes the behaviours and attitudes of students in all aspects of their lives. Students move to a position of advocacy as they become more aware of their own culture and that of others

An ethical education

The IBCC core provides a major opportunity for ethical education, conceived as involving principles, attitudes and codes of behaviour. The emphasis in the core is on helping students to think, feel and act their way through ethical issues, particularly in view of the reflective project criteria.

External validation

The IBCC validates both achievement and academic integrity in students' performance through its examination and moderation process.

Research and writing skills

IBCC students must complete a reflective project on ethical perspectives associated with an issue related to their career-related studies. The reflective project provides excellent preparation and experience for the kinds of undergraduate research required for further and higher education.

The IB Recognition team

The IB Recognition team exists to demonstrate and enhance the value and impact of an IB education. We do this by cultivating relationships within and across our network of diverse stakeholders.

  • We strategically partner with universities and governments to help develop IB recognition policies and serve as a source of expertise on how the IB philosophy and curriculum provide an unmatched opportunity for student learning.
  • We serve IB students and their parents to ensure that students are recognized for the unique credentials or qualifications of the IB programmes, and create lasting connections for both.
  • We represent the IB to the world through our relationships and leadership positions within associations of IB World Schools.
  • We gain accreditation of IB qualifications in markets that establish prerequisites for recognition.

We support the IB mission by strengthening IB leadership in international education, evolving and improving IB services and support to schools, and developing a more diverse, inclusive IB community by enabling access to an IB education.

How can we help you? Explore our web pages, FAQs, or contact us for a prompt response. You can also download our recognition brochure.

IB Career-related Certificate

IBCC brochure

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Download the PDF IBCC Higher Education brochure [PDF, 4.70MB - opens in a new window]

Apply to offer the IBCC

All IB World Schools who are already offering the IB Diploma Programme can apply to offer the IBCC. Read more information about applying for the IBCC.

Exam schedules

External examinations for candidates for the IB diploma are given twice a year, in May and in November.

Examination schedules

Diploma Programme courses online

Students not currently attending an IB World School will now have the opportunity to take Diploma Programme courses online

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IB promotional publications are available, both to view online and to download. Visit the promotional publications page for more.

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