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Professional development & training

The Africa, Europe and Middle East regional office provides educational practitioners and schools with training to build and enhance their professional development.

Workshops are designed to deliver IB educational standards, to address the complex challenges emerging in the different areas within the region and to integrate relevant experiences and in-depth investigation into a vibrant exchange of knowledge.

3 different categories depending on your needs

Our offering of workshops, seminars and conferences is structured in 3 different categories depending on your target audience and goals. It is critical that participants attend the correct category of workshop and is available here.

Still confused? Use these helpful scenarios to help you select the right professional development experience.

The majority of workshops are in English. However, Spanish and French workshops are also available throughout the academic year.

All participants must be sufficiently fluent in the language in which the workshop is offered to allow for full and unaided participation.

Choosing the right workshop

To help you select the workshop that is right for your needs, descriptions of the various workshops are available.


What forms of professional development do we offer?

Regional workshops

  • These events bring together teachers from across the region. They are a unique opportunity for teachers to exchange best practice, develop their networking, and enhance their IB knowledge from experienced workshop leaders in a dedicated place and time.

In-schools workshops

  • In-School workshops are designed around the specific needs for the ongoing professional development of your school community. 
  • You can submit a workshop request at any time during the year provided that we receive your request via IBIS at least 5 months before the preferred workshop date.
  • Training hours have been increased from 12 to 15 hours per workshop. This is aligned with all PD delivery models including regional, cluster and online PD workshops.
  • We regularly add new topics to the In-School offer such as Cat 3 workshops ‘Understanding the MYP’ and ‘Global Contexts for Teaching and Learning’ . Full list available here
  • Our updated fees can be found here
  • The new guidelines to In-School workshops can be found here

On-line workshops

  • IB online professional development workshops have been developed to complement regional face-to-face workshops, widening access for teachers from all IB regions.

Cluster Events

  • Cluster Events are a Professional Development training opportunity officially recognized by the IB designed to train educators on a specific IB programme at a Host School’s premises. Cluster events are being offered to accommodate gaps within the AEM region where our current PD offerings do not fully meet schools needs. It is important that all Cluster requests consider a minimum of 2 participating schools involved in the event. More details are available in our updated guidelines (including terms & conditions) available here. Schools interested in organizing a Cluster event request are eligible to submit here.

Blended Model

  • The International Baccalaureate stands for life-long learning. This applies not only for IB teachers, but also to coordinators, and heads of schools. In the Africa, Europe, and Middle East region we endeavour to best accommodate your school’s needs by providing a variety of Professional Development opportunities. The Blended model is the newest in a range of high-quality training methods. Blended learning is the thoughtful combination of classroom face-to-face learning experiences with online learning experiences. It combines the strengths of both learning methods.

    All participants are required to complete both the online sessions and the face to face sessions of this workshop in order to be eligible for the certificate of attendance.

    Note: Blended workshops are pilot this academic year. Interested in learning which workshops we will offer? Please have a look at our online calendar here.


Workshop Language

If a workshop is given in any other language than in one of the three IB official languages, the following applies:

  • Informal language during discussion will be in the advertised language
  • Some guidance from the WSL will be in the advertised language
  • All IB documents, including guides, other IB publications and QA surveys will
    be available in English, French or Spanish only
  • Student samples to be provided, if available, in the advertised language.


IB Educator Network (IBEN) training opportunities

The IB is continually looking for more educators to carry out the various IB-related tasks the organization is responsible for. More information on Educator Network opportunities and training is available here.

Have you considered hosting a workshop as 'PD Provider'

The regional office is seeking effective and experienced partners with whom it can organize professional development events in addition to those organized directly by the regional office. Applications will be considered from:

  • IB Association of IB World Schools
  • Colleges, universities, governmental agencies and non-profit organizations.

Consult the guide for organizing IB workshops.

Contact the regional office for further details.


Subject-specific Seminars begin in February 2014! Register here

Global Catalogue of Workshops ecatalogue

Find descriptions of all workshops available > here

Regional Workshops Programme

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Consult our online workshop schedule, view or download a copy here

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On-line workshops on-line workshops

Consult our wide selection of
on-line workshops > here

In-school workshops

Guidelines to In-School workshops. Download pdf

AEM In-School workshop topics on offer in 2013-14. Downloadpdf

Book online.

Step by step guide on 'How to request an In-school workshop within AEM region'



Professional Development fees & payment Download here

New Category 3 workshops

Want to propose an idea for a new Category 3 workshop? Send proposals between September and December using the form available here .

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