How to become an IB World School

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Becoming an IB World School (IBWS) means joining an active global community of schools, students and educators that is growing and developing constantly.

The IB is dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of every IB programme through community collaboration and continuous improvement. Each school must go through an authorization process that thoroughly prepares them to teach one or more IB programmes. 

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If you're ready to become an IB World School, you can start the authorization process here. We'll contact you with the information and support you need to begin this journey. 

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Not ready to take the first step but want to find out more about becoming an IB World School and joining our global community of educational excellence?  Before deciding to embark on the journey to become an IB World School, you can fill in this form and sign up to receive more information about our programmes, services, events and other topics that the IB believes will be of interest to you. This form is for informational purposes only.  

Learn more about the authorization process 

The IB is proud of its commitment to provide challenging and unique programmes of education to schools around the world. The authorization process backs up this commitment. As a result of the process, parents and students can be confident that each IB World School, no matter where it is located, is held to the same high standard.  

Before embarking on this journey, schools can familiarize themselves with the authorization process. The IB’s Guide to Authorization provides schools with detailed information they will need to understand, plan for, and complete the IB authorization process for any of the IB’s four programmes. ​

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Use the new interactive timeline to project your school’s authorization journey.

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Programme standards and practices

The Programme standards and practices provides a set of criteria through which prospective schools, authorized IB World Schools and the IB can evaluate success, providing critical information for the planning, implementation, development and evaluation of all IB programmes. 

Schools that will apply for candidacy after August 1, 2022, will complete the authorization process using the revised (2020) Programme standards and practices.