September 2012 (issue 66)

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“Don’t teach them to think like you. Teach them to think for themselves”

Sir Fazle Hasan Abed’s mantra sounds simple. But delivering it in 37,000 modest Bangladeshi schools is miraculous, as Robert Jeffery discovers.

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International education: it’s time to think again

Teachers, and the IB, are going beyond flags and festivals, so how can educators create truly global teaching with a little uncommon thinking?

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What does global mean?

How can schools from diverse backgrounds teach a global curriculum?

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Wired for learning

Teachers need to embrace mobile devices and a culture of always-on connectivity if learning is to be truly global

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Building for conservation

Orphaned orangutans needed to improve their climbing skills – could students design a way to get them back to their swinging best?

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Breaking the mould

The graduate turned author who wants to challenge our assumptions about identity

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