September 2011 (issue 63)

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It’s devastating when teachers shut the classroom door and never learn from each other

Educational guru Sir Michael Barber on what the best schools get right and why teachers and governments have a part to play

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Time to shine

How official initiatives, far-sighted schools and single-minded pioneers are offering a new generation the chance of an IB education

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The Class of 1971

Forty years ago, the first students to officially complete the IB Diploma Programme were celebrating their graduation. IB World tracked down three of them and asked them what happened next

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Chapter and verse

How one teacher’s commitment to constructivist language-learning meant letting students rap in class

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Read all about it: the value of headlines

News stories illuminate a subject, says Bella Mandry, Geography and Environmental Systems and Societies Teacher at the International School of Singapore

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Words to the wise

When Tom Adams was 10 years old, his Swedish parents relocated from France to the UK, where he couldn’t speak a word of the language

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