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The IB Virtual Conference will not be your traditional four-day conference, and it is likely to sell out!

Starting 30 November 2020, and extending over a two-week period, you will have the opportunity to engage with education experts, IB staff, peers and exhibitors.

Read the full programme here

Come together: 30 Nov - 7 Dec 2020

From 30 November - 7 December 2020, we will come together to start the conversation! The virtual platform will be open. Be social! Use this opportunity to connect with other IB educators or ask questions to speakers. We also encourage you to access it and set up your profile, check out the Q&A, resources and explore other available features.

Learn together: 8 - 11 Dec 2020

From 8 - 11 December 2020, we will learn together. You will have access to 60+ live and on-demand sessions, and the opportunity to network and discuss with fellow IB educators, IB staff, speakers, presenters and exhibitors.

Build together: 12 Feb 2021

Until the 12 February 2021, we will build together by reflecting on the conference. You will have access to video recordings of all session and to all resources on the platform.


This will be a truly global experience that will be accessible to all, regardless of time zone. Each of our regions will have one day where sessions will be live from 11:00 - 15:30, local time.

9 December 2020 - local time of Singapore (SGT) 
10 December 2020 - local time of The Hague (CET)
11 December 2020 - local time of Washington, D.C. (EST)

All sessions will be made accessible on-demand after the session is finished so participants in all regions will be able to view them.

Read the full programme here


Singapore time zone (SGT)

Tue 8 Dec
Wed 9 Dec
Thu 10 Dec
Sat 12 Dec
Opening 8pm      
Keynote   11am - 12pm 6pm - 7pm 12am - 1am
Breakouts   12pm - 1pm 7pm - 8pm 1am - 2am
Networking   1pm - 1.30pm 8pm - 8.30pm 2am - 2.30am
Breakouts   1.30pm - 2.30pm 8.30pm - 9.30pm 2.30am - 3.30am
Expert speakers   2.30pm - 3.30pm 9.30pm - 10.30pm 3.30am - 4.30am

The Hague time zone (CET)

Tue 8 Dec
Wed 9 Dec
Thu 10 Dec
Fri 11 Dec
Opening 1pm      
Keynote   4am - 5am 11am - 12pm 5pm - 6pm
Breakouts   5am - 6am 12pm - 1pm 6pm - 7pm
Networking   6am - 6.30am 1pm - 1.30pm 7pm - 7.30pm
Breakouts   6.30am - 7.30am 1.30pm - 2.30pm 7.30pm - 8.30pm
Expert speakers   7.30am - 8.30am 2.30pm - 3.30pm 8.30pm - 9.30pm

Washington, D.C. time zone (EST)

Tue 8 Dec
Wed 9 Dec
Thu 10 Dec
Fri 11 Dec
Opening 7am      
Keynote 10pm - 11pm   5am - 6am 11am - 12pm
Breakouts 11pm - 12am   6am - 7am 12pm - 1pm
Networking   12am - 12.30am 7am - 7.30am 1pm - 1.30pm
Breakouts   12.30am - 1.30am 7.30am - 8.30am 1.30pm - 2.30pm
Expert speakers   1.30am - 2.30am 8.30am - 9.30am 2.30pm - 3.30pm


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