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Cristóbal Cobo

Dr Cristóbal Cobo

Dr Cristóbal Cobo is a senior specialist in education and technology, an associate at the University of Oxford’s SKOPE (Centre for Skills, Knowledge, and Organisational Performance), and a senior fellow for the Inter-American Dialogue’s Education Program. He is the founder and former director of the Ceibal Foundation’s Centre for Studies. A renowned speaker, Dr Cobo has presented in over 30 countries and has been recognized by major media outlets such as CNN, Deutsche Welle and Le Monde. He has authored nearly 100 education, technology, and innovation publications, including the recently co-authored book, The New Digital Education Policy Landscape: From Education Systems to Platforms.   

Roy Harley

Roy Harley

Roy Harley was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1952. He is an industrial mechanical engineer and during his career has worked for large companies such as Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) and AkzoNobel. Since 2016, he has been giving motivational talks on leadership and teamwork which emphasize attitude. He bases his talks on enthusiasm and the energy of life. He seeks to convey not only what he experienced in the Andes but also during his professional career and experience in rugby. He is grateful for life; for having lived an experience like the one they all had to live. He tried to show that we all have a mountain range to overcome. He is a sports lover. He runs marathons and in 2016 was designated by the International Olympic Committee as the only Uruguayan to carry the Olympic Flame for the Rio 2016 Olympics in Brazil.