IB Global University Admissions Conference

Students are at the heart of everything we do at the International Baccalaureate (IB), and supporting their transition to higher education is a critical aspect of our work. Therefore, we are excited to launch the first IB Global University Admissions Conference.

This virtual event—happening from 28 February–2 March 2023—will connect university representatives and career counsellors from all around the world.

There will be three full days of breakouts, keynotes and panel sessions focused on the university admissions process, IB learners and IB-curricular updates. The conference also features a virtual university fair where counsellors can connect directly with university representatives about their organization and admissions process.

With hundreds of university representatives and career counsellors expected to attend, this conference will be an excellent opportunity to learn about university admission and recognition, gain professional development and expand your network.

Who should attend this conference?

  • University and career counsellors (UCCs) who wish to connect with university representatives and learn how they can support their students' transition to higher education.
  • University admissions and recruitment staff who are looking to build meaningful relationships with UCCs and gain deeper insight into developing effective admissions and recognition policies.