Pre-conference workshops

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Full-day pre-conference workshops will take place on Saturday, 16 July from 9.00am to 4.00pm PST. Taking breaks and lunch into account, there will be 5.5 hours of teaching time.

Pre-conference workshops dive deeply into educational practices that support starting and sustaining IB programmes. Some workshops are IB specific (i.e. IB programme standards and practices), and others are more general (i.e. service learning) but have a direct impact on the IB in your schools and communities. These sessions are expected to include a variety of teaching strategies and interactive experiences with adult learners in mind.


Pre-conference workshop 1: ATL skills for a post-COVID-19 world

Presenter: Lance King

Students and teachers are both suffering from the effects of the COVID–19 pandemic, school closures and a general loss of certainty about the future of school-based education. A sense of helplessness pervades all societies at present, and schools need to focus on helping students to “find their feet” and take charge of their own learning again. They are going to need lots of resilience, perseverance and self-motivation training as well as self-management, goal achieving and many other key approaches to learning (ATL) skills. Teaching methods have changed irrevocably and the key feature of a good education going forward will be developing in students the capacity to accurately determine the truth. ATL skills will play a huge part in all of this. This workshop will show you how.

Pre-conference workshop 2: Compassionate Systems Framework

Presenter: Trina Haygaru

The Compassionate Systems Framework was developed by the IB and the Center for Systems Awareness. It was designed “for building a cognitive and affective foundation for global citizenship. The aim of the framework is to grow ‘compassionate integrity’ in students and teachers—to have alignment between how we think, feel, and act by virtue of an ever-unfolding awareness of interconnectedness”. The framework uses personal anchors/project-based learning, mindfulness/reflection, and systems thinking tools to help students prepare for the complexities and challenges of the world they will live in. Participants will learn how the three components work together and how to integrate them into current lessons and outcomes.

Pre-conference workshop 3: Design thinking in the IB classroom

Presenters: Mauricio Bonelo and Luz Stella Martinez

A hands-on experience for educators of the PYP, MYP, DP and CP to explore design thinking strategies that foster creativity, embrace innovation and inspire action. This is an excellent opportunity to explore interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary connections in the pursuit of conceptual understandings and the development of 21st-century skills.

Pre-conference workshop 4: How I learned to stop worrying and love IB marketing: Meaningful and manageable IB social media strategies

Presenters: Nicholas Kuhar, KC McKenna, Matt Stepnowsky

In its highly regarded annual poll, Cisco Systems emphasized not only that life is increasingly taking place online (non-fungible tokens (NFTs), continually emerging social media platforms, etc.), but also that the internet itself is now predominantly made up of video (over 80%). In turn, forward-thinking, nimble Heads of School, admissions teams and coordinators are called to strike a balance between leveraging fast-paced social media to promote their IB programmes and maintaining their core identity and values via those platforms. Students, parents and community members have a keen sense of when our marketing is overly manicured. So, the question becomes: How do we produce content that will grab our community’s attention while remaining genuine, engaging and (perhaps most importantly for busy admissions teams and coordinators) manageable? In this session, we will unpack research-based and time-tested strategies for piloting a social media plan that is meaningful, genuine, manageable to maintain and dovetails with reauthorization standards.

Pre-conference workshop 5: Story matters: Using narrative to engage students, collaborate with staff, connect to the community and support internationally minded programmes

Presenters: Heather Michael

Stories of effective schools centre on meaningful relationships built between students, teachers, administrators and community members. Yet, in the pace of a school, finding time and having strategies to do this often feels like a daunting task, particularly in the current global context. The purpose of this session is to think about how to foster meaningful relationships within an IB context through the stories that all of our students, teachers and members of our communities bring to school, and to harness these stories in ways that celebrate international-mindedness. This interactive (and fun!) workshop designed for teachers, coordinators and Heads of Schools from the PYP, MYP, DP and CP will give participants the opportunity to engage in strategies that help them to map out their own lives, stories and goals, and to then spend time making plans to adapt these same strategies to their contexts.

Pre-conference workshop 6: The first 20 days: Setting the tone for IB learning

Presenters: Nora Dandurand

Inspired by Harry Wong and Rosemary Wong’s First Days of School and Jim Fay and David Funk's Teaching with Love and Logic, at Bogan High School in Chicago, Illinois, administrators and teachers plan for back to school with the first 20 days specifically in mind. We strategically use the first 20 days to build rapport, classroom culture and a true learning community. During these days, teachers and students will target skills, lessons and relationships to build a learning community. Some lessons that take place in the first 20 days include a closer look at criterion, learner profile traits, ATLs, classroom procedures and routines, to name a few. Someone who attends this session will leave with a bank of ideas for the first 20 days and have the chance to develop their school’s own first 20 days plan.