Call for proposals (closed)

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Thank you for your interest in presenting at the IB Global Conference, Daegu 2024.



Unfortunately, the submission deadline has already passed, and we cannot accept any further presentation session proposals.  

For any questions, please contact [email protected].  


Additional information 

  • All presenters and co-presenters must register for the conference by Friday 19 January 2024.  
  • As a presenter, you will enjoy the discounted fee of 1045 USD for the main conference or 1230 USD for the main conference (including pre-conference). This discount cannot be combined with other discounts.  
  • Individuals may not submit or appear on more than two proposals, either as primary or secondary presenters. 
  • The same school or institution may not appear on more than two proposals. 

Terms and conditions 

  • All presenters must be available to present any time during the Global Conference (excluding pre-conference workshops). 
  • All presenters must comply with the timelines and deadlines shared by the IB upon session confirmation to ensure the successful delivery of their session. 
  • The layout of meeting rooms will vary. Stationery will be provided. Additional information on room specifications will be provided upon approval of the session presentation. The rooms will range from a capacity of 50 to 300. The Global Conferences team will assign rooms based on their experience of previous conferences and session popularity. 
  • The IB will not reimburse any expenses. 

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]