IB Heads World Conference pre-conference workshop presenters

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Alain Rodrigue

Pre-conference workshop 8: IB leadership reimagined: An overview of the IB leadership suite

Over the past 45 years, Alain worked at Lakeside Academy in Montreal, Canada, as a Spanish and French teacher, MYP coordinator and IB administrator. He then worked in Germany for the Canadian National Defense as a member of the Department of Education. His IB world experience includes being a programme specialist (MYP), team leader, chair for school visits, IB lead educator, consultant, workshop leader in America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa, online facilitator and lead facilitator for IB workshops online. Alain has been living in Egypt for 12 years, initially as an IB advisor at Oasis Ecole Internationale. He is now Head of School at Leaders International College in Cairo and IB Continuum Coordinator at Elite International School in Alexandria. Collaborative leadership and empowering educators to further develop their instructional skills in an IB world are part of his challenging environment.

Chris Wright

Pre-conference workshop 9: Inclusivity and educator well-being

Chris is an experienced educational leader. He has been head of three schools, an educational researcher and a teacher trainer in a university. He currently works at a school system level as director of educator. The past twenty years have been dedicated to nurturing leadership capacity in schools. His work with school leaders is focused on the impact they have on student learning in their role as steward of the school’s vision and mission, designer of the school’s strategies and systems, and teacher as they foster learning for everyone. Chris has worked in multiple roles with the IB, including head of school, lead educator, workshop developer, and as an IB trainer for IB evaluation chairs, programme and evaluation leaders. He is the author of the InThinking IB school leaders website.