Panel discussions

New at this year’s conference are panel discussions, focussing on different topics of interest to the IB community. So, if you want to tune in on lively discussions on a topic of your interest, we invite you to attend the below panel discussions. All discussions will be in English with the exception of ‘Towards a competence based education in Spain’ which will be hosted in Spanish.

Alumni shaping the future
Time: Friday 5 October 11:45 – 12:45
Room: E2

IB alumni are equipped with the skills and mindset to make a real difference in the world. From leading nations, to astronauts and NGO leaders, our alumni have developed careers which progress society, champion international mindedness and change the world. Our panel will explore what has motivated each alumnus throughout their career, and what lasting impression an IB education has had on their world today.


The evolving role of teachers and their professional identity
Friday 5 October 16:00 – 17:00 
Room: Hall A / Plenary Room

In the landscape of educational innovation, the role of the teacher is often highlighted as a key factor of success. But how is the role of the teacher in today’s classroom viewed? While there are increasing demands on teachers to collaborate, innovate, engage in curriculum review, carry out constant assessment and engage in lifelong learning themselves, how do they see the changing landscape of their profession? How have universities changed their teacher training programs to adapt and prepare the teachers we need today and in the future? Join our panel of experts to hear their views on the role of teachers today and in the future.


The role of education in shaping humanity
Time: Saturday 6 October 10:15 – 11:15
Room: E2

Fifty years ago, the IB’s founders had a vision – of an education that could unite people, nations and cultures for a sustainable future. As we approach 2020, when international organizations are set to meet some key strategic goals, we are facing a variety of challenges. There is an increase in global inequality, reduced access to education and growing isolationism within countries. The IB’s missioneducation for a better worldseems more relevant than ever. In an increasingly uncertain world where world peace is under threat, nation states, international organizations and educational leaders need to engage in a debate on how well our education systems are able to help us break down silos, unite cultures and foster a truly internationally-minded approach in our children. Join our panel of leaders to debate the true value of an international education.


Towards a competence based education in Spain (in Spanish)
España: hacia una educación basada en las competencias
Time: Saturday 6 October 11:45 – 12:45
Room: L3

The priority assigned to content knowledge at the expense of gaining analytical and problem-solving skills in the Spanish educational system has created three main challenges, which remain unsolved: school drop-outs, competence acquisition and internationalization. The participation of Spain in different international assessments has helped to discover some of the gaps that the national system is facing, to offer a more competitive education, that meets the needs of a 21st century student. Join our panel of experts to discuss the issues facing the Spanish education sector.